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District School Board of Pasco County
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Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools 


Chris Williams

DATE:5/21/2013 6:00:00 PM
Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools
Ray Gadd, Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Operations
2013-2014 School Attendance Boundaries - First Reading


The establishment and adoption of school attendance boundaries is authorized by Section 1001.42, Florida Statutes. In addition, the Administrative Procedures Act requires that the District publish a notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule twenty-one days prior to the public hearing.


With the renewal of the Penny for Pasco the School District may now begin the remodeling of several of our older schools . The first two schools to be remodeled are Quail Hollow Elementary and Shady Hills Elementary Schools. Staff has determined that in both of these cases the temporary closure of these schools will result in a safer, faster, cheaper and more efficient remodeling process. All of the students at Shady Hills Elementary School will attend Crews Lake Middle School during this process and so no boundary change will be necessary. In the case of Quail Hollow Elementary School, there is insufficient capacity at a single neighboring school to house their population during the remodeling. Therefore, the southern half of their student body is being proposed to attend Wesley Chapel Elementary School and the northern half is being proposed to attend Watergrass Elementary School. Once the remodeling is complete it is anticipated that staff would form a boundary committee and reevaluate the boundaries of Quail Hollow Elementary, Veterans Elementary and Wesley Chapel Elementary Schools and bring recommendations to the School Board for changes to the boundaries prior to Quail Hollow Elementary School reopening.


In addition, staff has determined that two houses at the eastern end of Arrow Drive in New Port Richey are more accessible to Schrader Elementary School and Bayonet Point Middle School and were mistakenly zoned for Moon Lake Elementary and Hudson Middle Schools. There is currently an eighth grader living in this area that will be in high school next year and so this proposed change will not affect any students in the coming year.


The Public Notice of Intent was advertised in the Tampa Tribune on April 28, 2013, as required by the Administrative Procedures Act. The public notice and color maps, which define the boundaries, are attached for your review.


Strategic Focus: Provide equitable support systems.


Strategic Plan Goal: The district will establish and maintain state-of-the art, attractive and safe facilities.

Action Requested:

The staff requests the School Board approve the first reading of the 2013-2014 School Attendance Boundaries. The second reading of the 2013-2014 School Attendance Boundaries will be presented at the School Board meeting on June 4, 2013.


The staff respectfully recommends the School Board’s approval of the first reading of the 2013-2014 School Attendance Boundaries.

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