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Pasco County Schools
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Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools 

Chris Williams

DATE:12/15/2015 6:00:00 PM
FROM:Kurt S. Browning, Superintendent of Schools
Ray Gadd, Deputy Superintendent
SUBJECT:       2016-2017 Attendance Boundaries – Second Reading


The establishment and adoption of school attendance boundaries is authorized by Section 1001.42, Florida Statues.  In addition, the Administrative Procedures Act requires that the District publish a notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule twenty-one days prior to the public hearing.


The opening of Elementary School “W” for the 2016-2017 school year requires the adjustment of the school attendance boundaries.  The process utilized in determining proposed boundaries involved the establishment of a boundary committee made up of principals and parents from all of the schools that are potentially impacted.  This committee was set up to review boundary scenarios and applicable data and to hear alternative proposals from the community.  Option 8, from the multiple scenarios reviewed, was ultimately agreed upon by the committee as the one to recommend to the board.  Options 8a through 8d were developed to reflect the various public input made at the parent meeting on November 19.  After these alternate options were emailed to the committee for review, one member voted for Option 8a, one member voted for Option 8d and seven members voted for Option 8. 

The Public Notice of Intent was advertised in the Tampa Tribune on November 1, 2015 as required by the Administrative Procedures Act.  The public notice along with color maps which define the boundaries are attached for review.


This is the second and final reading of the 2016-2017 School Attendance Boundaries.  The staff respectfully recommends the School Board approve the second reading of the 2016-2017 School Attendance Boundaries.

DescriptionUpload DateType
Proposed Boundary Map11/19/2015Backup Material
Boundary Data Summary11/19/2015Backup Material
Legal Ad Affidavit11/19/2015Backup Material
Elem W Options 8abcd Spreadsheets12/7/2015Backup Material
Elem W Option 8 Map12/7/2015Backup Material
Elem W Option 8a Map12/7/2015Backup Material
Elem W Option 8b Map12/7/2015Backup Material
Elem W Option 8c Map12/7/2015Backup Material
Elem W Option 8d Map12/7/2015Backup Material